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Zius BK-2S Nerf AEG Electric Auto Blaster

Zius BK-2S Nerf AEG Electric Auto Blaster

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Introducing the Zius BK-2S Nerf AEG Electric Auto Blaster, featuring the T238 mosfet for three fire modes. The metal m-lok handguard, barrel and gears provide durability for intense Nerf battles. Get ready to dominate with this powerful blaster.


  • The BK2s blaster is equiped with T238 mosfet, it has 3 types of fire modes: semi-auto / burst shot and fully automatic.
  • The blaster will be shut off if the dart jammed inside due to its auto safe function.
  • Metal m-lok handguard, metal barrel, and metal gears.
  • Use the same magazine as bk1, but cannot use talon mag.


Brand: zius.
Model: bk-2s.
Material: engineering plastic.
Firing mode: semi-auto / full-auto / 2-shot burst fire.
Color: yellow / gray.
Spring type: 1.6mm.
Motor type: 480 short shaft.
Ammo type: 3.6*1.3cm Stefan short darts.
Battery type: xt30 plug.
Size: 49*7.4*25cm (L*W*H).
Weight: 1.5kg.


Velocity: up to 170 FPS.
Firing range: 20m.
Rate of fire: 3 RPS.

Package content:

1x ziu bk1s nerf aeg auto blaster.
1x mag.
1x xt30 plug 11.1v battery 1100mah.
1x usb charger.
1x m-lok tactical rail.
30pcs half length bamboo darts. 

How to Use:

- after connect the battey, press the trigger for one time, then you will hear sound notifitcaiton.

- after hear the notifications, press the trigger one more time to activate it, then you can open fire.

- Press and hold the trigger for 10-15s until hear the sound notification, then it means the blaster is shut off and ready for storage for next play.

Fix the jam: turn it upside down, press and hold the charging handle, then use tool to adjust the jammed dart from the window, then release the charging handle. Or just try moving the plunger backward to fix.

How to turn on the double shot mode: Press and hold the trigger for 3-5 seconds under semi-auto mode, after hearing the "B" sound the double shot mode is activate. Do the same process again to return to semi-auto mode.

Zius BK2S Nerf AEG Blaster Review Videos:

Zius BK-2S AEG Dart Blaster Packing List and Size:

zius bk-2s nerf aeg blaster zize
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