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Russian Army Style Tactical AK Vest Chest Rig Replica

Russian Army Style Tactical AK Vest Chest Rig Replica

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Engineered for endurance and functionality, the Russian Army Style Tactical AK Vest Chest Rig Replica is your ultimate gear for rugged terrains. Its unique design moves the center of gravity for maximum comfort and breathability, while providing ample storage for communication, medical, and other equipment.

Get the full set now and experience unparalleled convenience in the field.

Features of the Smersh Vest:

  1. Build Quality and Durability: Exceptional build quality and durability are evident in the Smersh Vest, crafted with high-quality, tough, abrasion-resistant materials to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and rigorous use.

  2. Comfortable Fit: Designed for snug and comfortable wear, allowing easy movement without hindering mobility. Features adjustable straps and buckles for a customized fit, distributing weight evenly to reduce fatigue during extended wear. Padded shoulder straps and back panel enhance comfort, ideal for long shooting sessions or extended operations.

  3. Compatibility with AK, SVD, and PKM Platforms: Standout compatibility with AK, SVD, and PKM platforms. Built-in magazine pouches securely hold AK magazines, with flexibility to accommodate SVD and PKM magazines. Well-organized pouches ensure smooth and efficient magazine changes during intense shooting drills or operations.

  4. Ample Storage: Multiple pockets and pouches offer ample storage space for essential items like first aid kits, tools, and communication devices. Strategically placed pockets provide easy access without compromising mobility or convenience.

  5. Modularity and Customization: Designed with MOLLE webbing for easy attachment of additional pouches, accessories, and gear. Offers flexibility to configure the vest to specific needs, allowing for personalized tactical setup. Add or remove pouches, holsters, and accessories as required for different scenarios or operational requirements.

  6. Practical Design: Streamlined design minimizes bulk for ease of movement in tight spaces. Features a quick-release buckle system for easy removal in emergencies. Adjustable straps and buckles are glove-friendly, suitable for varied weather conditions.

Russian AK Chest Rig Set includes: 

8x clip packages +

4 signal packages.

1x Assault Backpack.

1x Wide waist cushion.

1x RS-31 outer belt. 

1x H-belt + multi-function package.

Russian SSO/SPOSN Smersh AK Vest Review Video:

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