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Quasar Stats Cyberpunk 2077 DR12 Gel Blaster

Quasar Stats Cyberpunk 2077 DR12 Gel Blaster

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Introducing the Quasar Stats DR12 Gel Blaster, a uniquely designed blaster inspired by the Cyberpunk 2077 revolver. Featuring a striking sci-fi design with a metal barrel and mag prime, this blaster is equipped with a safety switch and offers two fire modes: semi-auto and full auto.


  • Sci-fi design inspired by Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Bullup design with a cool science fiction outlook.
  • Full nylon construction with mag prime, safety switch, and alloy barrel.
  • Two fire modes: semi-auto and fully automatic.


Material: nylon.
Type: dr12 quasar.

Fire mode: semi / full auto.
Battey type: sm-plug lipo.
Ammo type: 7-8mm gel.
Motor type: 370.

Color: blue; tan; black.
Mag capacity: 150pcs.

Weight: 900g..


Shooting range: 15-20m.
Rate of fire: 8 RPS (7.4v) & 12 RPS (11.1v).
Velocity: up to 200 FPS.

Package includes:

1x dr12 quasar gel ball blaster.
1x 11.1v lipo battery.
1x usb charger.
1x pack of gel balls.
1x safety glasses.
1x manual.

What are cyberpunk gel blasters?

A Cyberpunk Gel Blaster is a toy gun designed in the style of the cyberpunk genre, characterized by advanced technology and futuristic aesthetics. These blasters are used in games similar to paintball or airsoft and operate with gel balls loaded into an internal magazine, which are then shot out using spring or electric power. Enjoy an immersive sci-fi gaming experience with the Cyberpunk Quasar DR12 Gel Blaster.

DR12 Quasar Gel Blaster Review & Disassembly Videos:

Instructions for Using Quasar Stats DR12 Gel Blaster

quasar dr12 gel blaster installation

quasar gel blaster installation step

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