Gel Blaster Troubleshooting Guide to Common Problems

Gel Blaster Troubleshooting Guide to Common Problems

Gel blasters have gained immense popularity among enthusiasts for their engaging and safe gameplay. These toy guns shoot gel balls, which are small water-absorbent pellets that burst on impact, making them a fun and less painful alternative to paintball and airsoft. However, gel blasters, like any mechanical devices, can encounter various issues that can affect their performance. This detailed troubleshooting guide will help you identify and resolve common problems with your gel blaster, ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted play.

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Common Issues and Solutions

1. Gel Blaster Jamming

Problem: Jamming is one of the most frequent issues faced by gel blaster users. It can occur in both new and customized high-spec blasters.

Solution: The key to resolving jamming issues often lies in the condition and type of your gel balls. Here are some crucial factors to consider:

  • Hydration Time: Ensure your gel balls are hydrated for the correct amount of time as specified by the manufacturer. Over-soaking can cause them to become too large and squishy, while under-soaking can make them too small and hard, both leading to jams.
  • Type of Gel Balls: Use the right type of gel balls for your blaster. Higher-powered blasters often perform better with harder gels, such as those from reputable brands like Ausgel Armour Tech, which offer greater consistency and less breakage. Standard blasters might work best with softer, milky-white gels.
  • Freshness: Gel balls that have been stored for a long time can become soft or change in size. Always use freshly hydrated gels to reduce the risk of jams. If you need to store hydrated gels, keep them in an airtight container with a small amount of water to maintain their size and consistency.

2. Battery Issues

Problem: If your gel blaster isn’t holding a charge or doesn’t work even after charging, the issue might lie with the battery or charger.


  • Charger Check: Verify that your charger is functioning correctly. Most gel blasters come with a USB charging cord with indicator lights. A fully charged battery should show a solid green light. If the light doesn't turn green after the recommended charging time, the charger might be faulty.
  • Battery Test: Use a battery tester or a more advanced charger like the B3 or B6 model to check the health of your battery. If the battery is damaged or not holding a charge, it needs to be replaced.
  • Proper Care: Follow the care instructions for lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries. Avoid overcharging, over-discharging, and leaving the battery connected when not in use. Store batteries in a cool, dry place to extend their lifespan.

3. Feeding Problems

Problem: Your gel blaster fires but doesn’t feed any gel balls, which can be frustrating during gameplay.


  • Check Gel Balls: Ensure your gel balls are correctly hydrated, fresh, and suitable for your blaster. Inconsistent gel balls can cause feeding issues.
  • Magazine Issues: Make sure the magazine is full and properly primed. Sometimes, shaking the magazine gently can help to free up any stuck gel balls.
  • Magazine Motor: If your blaster fires upside down but not upright, it’s likely a magazine motor issue. Replacing the magazine or checking the motor’s connections might solve the problem.

4. Weak Firing

Problem: Your gel blaster fires, but the gel balls fall short of the expected range.


  • Internal Components: Weak firing is often caused by issues with internal components like the tappet plate or return spring. These parts might be misaligned, rusty, or broken.
  • Professional Help: Fixing internal issues typically requires disassembly of the blaster. Consult a professional for repairs, especially if the blaster is still under warranty. Attempting to fix it yourself could void the warranty or cause further damage.
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5. Strange Noises

Problem: Your gel blaster makes strange whirring or grinding noises when you pull the trigger.


  • Gear Issues: Such noises usually indicate a problem with the gears. Some blasters have an adjustable screw for motor height adjustment. Minor adjustments can sometimes resolve the issue by ensuring the gears are properly aligned.
  • Professional Assessment: If adjusting the motor height doesn’t help, it’s advisable to get your blaster checked by a professional. Continuing to use a blaster with gear issues can lead to more severe damage.

6. Gel Balls Breaking

Problem: Gel balls break inside the blaster, causing a mess and preventing proper firing.


  • Storage: Store gel balls in a cool, dry place to maintain their integrity. Exposure to heat or cold can cause them to become brittle or mushy.
  • Hydration: Follow the correct hydration instructions. Over-soaking or under-soaking can weaken the gel balls, making them more likely to break.
  • Quality: Use high-quality gel balls from reputable suppliers to ensure durability and performance. Inferior gel balls are more prone to breaking.

7. Battery Not Holding Charge

Problem: Your gel blaster's battery isn't holding a charge or depletes very quickly.


  • Battery Health: Check if the battery is old or damaged. Batteries degrade over time and may need replacement. A swollen battery is a clear sign that it needs to be replaced immediately.
  • Charger Issues: Ensure the charger is functioning properly. Faulty chargers can damage batteries or fail to charge them fully.
  • Proper Charging: Avoid overcharging and disconnect the battery once it is fully charged. Overcharging can reduce battery life and increase the risk of overheating.

Preventative Measures

To ensure your gel blaster operates smoothly, consider these preventative measures:

Regular Maintenance

  • Cleaning: Regularly clean your gel blaster, especially the barrel and feed mechanism, to remove debris and gel fragments. A clean blaster reduces the likelihood of jams and other issues.
  • Lubrication: Keep the internal components well-lubricated to reduce friction and wear. Use appropriate lubricants designed for gel blasters to avoid damaging the components.

Proper Storage

  • Environment: Store your gel blaster and gel balls in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Extreme conditions can warp the plastic parts of the blaster and degrade gel balls.
  • Battery Care: Store batteries in a safe, dry place and charge them periodically if they are not used for a long time. Avoid leaving batteries in the blaster when not in use to prevent leakage or damage.

Quality Products

  • Gel Balls: Invest in high-quality gel balls to ensure they perform well and don’t cause jams or other issues. Reputable brands offer gel balls that are consistent in size and durability.
  • Batteries and Chargers: Use reliable batteries and chargers to maintain consistent performance. Cheap or counterfeit batteries and chargers can cause a range of issues, including poor performance and safety hazards.

Follow Instructions

  • Manufacturer’s Guidelines: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembling, using, and maintaining your gel blaster. Ignoring these guidelines can lead to malfunctions and void the warranty.
  • Hydration Instructions: Hydrate gel balls according to the specified time and amount of water to ensure they are the correct size and consistency. Properly hydrated gel balls reduce the risk of jams and feeding issues.


Gel blasters are fantastic toys that provide hours of fun, but they require proper care and maintenance to function optimally. By following this comprehensive troubleshooting guide and taking preventative measures, you can avoid common problems and keep your gel blaster in top condition. Regular maintenance, proper storage, and the use of high-quality products will ensure that your gel blaster performs at its best. If you encounter persistent issues, don’t hesitate to seek professional help or consult the retailer for assistance. Happy blasting!

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