Gel Balls Introduction & Growing Guide

Gel Balls Introduction & Growing Guide

 Gel Balls Introduction & Growing Guide

What are gel blaster balls made of?

Gel balls, which also is called water crystal gel or water beads or gel beads or orbeez, etc. Anyway, it's a gel thing that can absorb water. You may have heard it before, it used to be a deocration purpose water beads, but nowadays it's commonly used as an ammo in the gel blasters toy guns. Normally the gel balls are in a spherical form made of superabsorbent polymer, which is a kind of water-absorbing polymer. So a gel ball can aborb water and swell to its full size.

gel balls decoration

Nowadays, people usually use it for decorating, watering plants, especially in holiday events. They look really beautiful especiall mixing with various colors. They are fun, good looking and easy to use.


Are gel blaster balls biodegradable?

Yea it is completely biodegradeable and safe, it's easy to clean.

Most importantly, one big purpose of the gel ball currently is that they are the ammunition for gel blasters. The gel blaster is a toy gun which eject gel balls. For gel blaster enthusiasts, gel balls are the most commonly used ammo for gel blasters and it's high consuming products. This gel balls guide will help you go through some basic knowledge and tips about gel balls.


If you want a harder gel ball, the most convenient way is that you could add ploymer chains inside the gel ball when design it as the ploymer is the main components of the gel ball.


When they are placed in water, they absorb the water and grow to about the size of a marble.


Specifically, they're fabricated from a kind of polymer named hydrogel, the equal type used to make contact lenses. A hydrogel is a polymer this is soluble in water however has reticulations. those reticulations save you the polymer from dissolving, since they maintain the macromolecules collectively, and lead them to swell instead while I am aqueous media.


water absorbing gel balls

How to make gel blaster balls?

Step 1: put the non-hydrated gel balls in a bowl or container, then pour in at least 2 cups of water for each teaspoon of gel balls. Gel balls need to be submerged in water, which means you need to add enough water to cover the gel balls. You could notice that the gel balls will start swelling gradually!

Step 2: Wait for around 4 hours.

Step 3: Dry the grown gel balls by using a gel ball sifter, then find a gel ball bottle or gel ball speed loaders to get the gel balls in. After that, you can easily reload magazines via the bottles.

There are different qualities of projectiles, the more "rigid" the projectiles will be, the more precise the replica will be, however, the impact will also be stronger. We find a classic diameter in most Blasters, it is the 7-8mm diameter. We say 7-8mm because the diameter of the barrel can withstand this difference there and depending on the marks we will have projectiles more or less close to one of the two values (for example, the most used, called "Milkies" because of their milky color measures 7.2mm in diameter).

Quick way to load your gel ball into gel blaster:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do gel blaster balls last?

It will last 1-2 days without shrinking in dry environment, it will almost last foreverfully submerged in water.


Can you freeze gel blaster balls?

Yes, you can freeze it in refrigerator, however it require more time for the frozen gel balls to grow. And the frozen gel balls have more feeding issue.


Are gel blaster balls toxic to dogs?

Well, gel balls are water-absorbing polymer made, it's non-toxic to dogs and human. Dogs can eat the gel balls, however need to mind that they shouldn't eat too much as the gels will absorbing water. Need to drink a lot of water in case of dehydrated.


How to store gel blaster balls?

The gel blaster balls need to be stored at a dry and shady place without sunshine. If it's placed in a container, recommend using preservative film to cover the container.


How Long do You Leave Gel Balls in Water?

It is recommended to soak gel balls in water for at least 4 hours, or overnight for best results. This will allow them to fully absorb the water and expand to their full size. If you do not soak them long enough, they will be smaller and harder, and may not perform as well in your gel blaster.


Do you need to dry gel balls before use?

The answer is yes! You need to fully dry the gel balls before filling them into the gel ball blasters. If the gel blasters are shooting with gel balls without drying, the performance will be greatly hinderd and result in a short range. Also shooting with non-dried gel balls could damage the gel blaster's parts.

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Ich fand diese Anleitung sehr gut außer dieses Video war sehr doof


Ich fand diese Anleitung sehr gut außer dieses Video war sehr doof


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